My Fall Wish List

While this Summer certainly seemS to have whizzed by, I am actually excited for Fall. I'm not a fan of the falling temps (and here in Chicago we get about a week's worth of Fall weather before it's officially Winter), I do love the chance to wear sweaters and boots (two of my faves), sip on a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and light some Fall-scented candles. I also love Fall nail polish collections, which usually feature some of my favorite colors and finishes. Unfortunately this season, I haven't seen a ton of nail polish that's gotten me really excited. Everything is sort of same-y, same-y and safe. I keep looking for the Fall colors that I love: mustard yellows, burnt oranges, rich greens. But so far? Nothing. This year's fall wish list is rather small compared to previous years. But there are some really unique colors and finishes on it. ILNP has really been blowing me away with their toppers and their Fall collection is really pretty. OPI's Iceland Collection is overall pretty meh, in my opinion. Except for one color, Turn on the Northern Lights - which is STUNNING. I also have my eye on two China Glaze polishes that are right up my alley.