Zoya Sophisticates Fall 2017 Collection Swatches & Review

*Provided for Review

Good morning peeps! I had a nasty nail break (which resulted in me having to cut all of my nails down) almost two weeks ago that put me out of commission until my nails became somewhat presentable again. They are still not quite where I want them to be but I received the Zoya Sophisticates collection and I've been dying to swatch them!



All polishes were swatched with no top coat. I used two coats for each polish with the exception of Gal.


First up is McKenna. Which is described as a refined pearl in a soft almond. The shimmer is very subtle in this polish. This was actually the very first polish I tried when I received the collection. I wore it for about two days and I loved it. The formula is amazing; fully opaque in two easy coats with no issues. 


Joni is described as a deep, dusty plum. It reads more dusky mauve to me. You will definitely need two coats for full opacity since this polish is on the thinner side, but other than that ether were no issues with application. 


Mona is a deep dusky burgundy. Mona is extremely similar to another color in the collection, Yvonne. The big difference is Mona has more brown undertones and a duskier looking finish. In the bottle however they look nearly identical. I actually swatched Yvonne twice by accident because I'd mistaken it for Mona! Formula wise the two are identical as well. The formula for both is great. Two coats with issues. 


Beth is a champagne metallic. I was funny expecting to not like this color. But- I love it! It is so gorgeous on the nail. Not too frosty and it dries down nicely. You will need two coats for this one since it is rather sheer. I was actually surprised that I didn't need a third coat for full opacity. 


Hera is described as a muted red mauve cream. This reads more pink-y than mauve to me. I was pretty meh about this one. The formula was okay; thin but fully opaque in two coats. I just find the color itself rather blah. It reads more Spring than Fall to me. 


Gal is the sister polish to Beth. It is a golden toned peridot green metallic. Unfortunately this was my least favorite polish in the collection. The formula was a weird combo of being both too thin and too thick. I used three coats for the swatches and as you can see still could not achieve full opacity. The formula also dragged a bit leaves bald patches. 


Elaine is the third of the dark brown/burgundy/reds in the collection. It is also the darkest leaning more towards brown on the nail. In photos it leans more toward red. In real life however it reads very much like a brown. The formula was the same as Mona's. Two coats for full opacity with no issues. 


Padma is a deep dusky pink with red undertones. Basically the darker sister to Hera. Formulas were identical as well. Again I don't have much to say about this color. It's not a shade I would reach for very often but it is a solid classic color. 


Presley is a smokey mauve taupe cream. This is probably my favorite color in the collection. I just love colors like this. They are so so soft and pretty and universally flattering on all skin tones. The formula was good as well; the polish was a bit thin but not overly so and was opaque in two coats. 


Tabitha is a pearlescent hunter green. The formula was thin but I was able to achieve full opacity at two coats. My only gripe with this color is I feel like Zoya has done it a million times. I fell like I own so many Zoya greens that are comparable to this one. If you don't however this is a good choice since the formula is solid and the color is perfect for Fall. 


Yvonne is the last of the vampies in this collection and the one that read the most red. It is a very pretty brick red cream. Again, the formula was identical to Mona's and Elaine's so if you are trying to decide which to get I would focus on which undertones you like best. 


And last is Hadley which Zoya describes as a smokey midnight blue. It also has some grey undertones to it that I really like. I like this color a lot. I'm actually wearing it on my toes right now. It's a great alternative to black polish when you want something just a tad more wearable in the office. The formula was good, I would compare it to Mona's as far as consistency and application. 


My final thoughts on this collection is that it's good. It's a solid collection. But - I do with Zoya would stop releasing collections with there versions of the same color. They did it with their Summer collection as well and it bothered me then as well.It just comes across as too same-y same-y and if I were someone who deciding to purchase colors from this collection I probably would just pick one of the shades, not all of them. I also wish that there were so more interesting colors in general in the collection. Can't a girl get a mustard yellow? 


The Zoya Sophisticates collection is now available on Zoya's website. Each bottle retails for $10.

Do you have your eye on some of the colors in this collection? If so, which ones? Let me know in the comments!