Double Stamping Part Deux: Teal and Purple Nail Art

Happy Friday everyone! Today's post is the original nail art design I did before last week's post. I used the same stamping pattern with darker colors. I wasn't a hundred percent happy with it, so I decided to redo it using lighter colors, which I liked much better. Teal and purple is one of my favorite color combos but this turned out a tad too dark for my liking. So the photos I took for this design sat unedited on my camera. I've decided to share them anyway because there's nothing actually wrong with design. It's definitely more Fall than last week's version. And I've been getting into the mood for Fall so much this past week or so. I've even been shopping for boots! 

Tools used:

Clear Stamper 

MoYou London Fashionista Plate 07

Polishes used:

CbL The Need for Speed  

Moonflower Polish Turquesa & Violeta

CbL PDQ Top Coat


I followed the same steps as I did with in my previous post. I began with two coats of Need for Speed and then double stamped on my pattern beginning with Violeta and repeating with Turquesa. I finished with a coat of PDQ. 

I wish I had used the teal as the base and then added the purple over it. I think it would have brightened the design up a bit. But, oh well. I still love this colors combo and I'm going to try it with a different pattern and base color. 

Which version of this nail art do your prefer? Let me know in the comments!