Gold Stamping Nail Art w/MoYou Minimalist Plate 05

Happy Friday everyone! Today's nail art is darker and vampier than what I normally wear during the summer months, but I was in the mood for black and gold. There is just something so classic and bad ass about those two colors together. It's hands down my favorite color combo. 


Creative Stamper

Clear Stamper

MoYou Minimalist Plate 05

Polishes used:

Zoya Willa

Essie Good as Gold

CbL PDQ Top Coat


I started with two coats of Willa and allowed to dry I then used Good as Gold to stamp on my patterns from plate 05. The patterns on this plate are incredibly fine and I had some issues getting a clear image of them. I flipped between both of my stampers to get a decent pick up of the patterns. I finished with a coat of PDQ Top Coat.

I wish I'd been able to get clearer, crisper images from the plate. I don't think it's the plate but my stampers. I think it's time to look for one that is good at picking up these types of thinly drawn patterns.


I'm officially looking for stamper recommendations. What stamper do you use for delicate patterns? Let me know in the comments!