Circus-Inspired Nail Art with MoYou London

Happy Friday peeps! I hope everyone has had a good week. Mine has been...strange. But not bad. I've been in a very reflective mood lately. I haven't done any nail art  lately and I've been wanting to sit down and do something a tad more involved than just straight-forward stamping. So I decided to do some nail decals. Which is stamping related - but a bit more interesting if I do say so myself. I've had this particular stamping plate for ages and kept saying I would get around to using it. It's one of those stamping plates that has great images but when you look at it you don't quite know what you want to do with it. But inspiration struck and I took advantage!


Tools used:

MoYou Circus Plate 01

Creative Stamper and Scraper

Winstonia Detailing Brush

Polishes used:

Zoya Lake

Hit the Bottle As Black as Night

Sinful Colors Snow Me White

KBShimmer Matte Top Coat

KBShimmer Clearly on Top


For this design, I followed the nail decals steps that I normally use: I stamped my image using ABAN and then allowed to dry a bit on the stamper. I then went in with Snow Me White and my detailing brush and added tiny bit on white to the image to brighten them up and give them a little dimension. I applied top coat over the images and allowed them to dry completely. Once dry I gently lifted them off the stamper and trimmed them down. I added a thin layer of top coat over my nail and secured the decal on the nail, smoothing out any wrinkles. I trimmed them down again to get rid of any bits that were hanging over the nail. I applied another layer of top coat over the nail and allowed to dry. Once dry I added my matte top coat. 

I'm still getting the hang of making decals, but it gets easier each time I do it. The main thing is waiting for each decal to dry. I know some people user silicone mats for this. I have one - that I never use! Lol. It's big and cumbersome and more hassle than it's worth honestly. I might eventually buy one of the mini mats and use that. 

Do any of you own one of the mini silicone mats? If so which one, and do you like them? Let me know in the comments!