Delicate Lace Stamping with A-England Her Rose Adagio

Happy Friday! Yes...I'm still obsessed with A-England Her Rose Adagio. I've worn other polishes since my last post featuring this one, I swear. My last post with this polish featured it as a base for pastel galaxy nail art design. You couldn't really appreciate Her Rose Adagio's beauty because it was covered by a bunch of other polishes. I wanted to do some nail art where it could really shine through!

Tools used:

Clear Stamper

Createve Stamper Scraper

MoYou London Bridal Collection Plate 07

Ellagee Lickity Split Latex Barrier

Polishes used:

A-England Her Rose Adagio

Hit the Bottle Snowed In

KBShimmer Clearly on Top


Nothing too fancy here folks, just some good old-fashioned straight forward stamping. I started with two coats of Her Rose Adagio and applied a coat of Clearly on Top to speed up drying. Once dry, I applied Lickity Split all around my cuticles and stamped on my patterns from Bridal Plate 07 using Snowed In. I finished with another coat of Clearly on Top and removed the Lickity Split from around my cuticles. I did go around a few ares with a clean up brush and some acetone to just to make everything crisp and clean.


I haven't used this MoYou plate in ages and I'd forgotten how amazing it is! The patterns are so delicate - perfect for spring nail art!


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