Zoya Winter/Holiday 2017 Party Girls Collection Swatches & Review

Oh, hey remember me? I allegedly blog on this site from time to time lol. I'm excited to be posting today. It's been over a month and I've been itching to post. Real life has been fairly hectic along with the project I am working on that should be done and ready to go by the end of this month. By the way- today is the first day of December. Wha-? How Sway? How? Where has this year gone? I feel like Fall just arrived and we are already into the Holiday season. And with that comes winter and holiday collections! Today I have the Zoya Winter/Holiday collection, Party Girls to review for you.


The Swatch Details:

For each swatch I applied two coats with no top or base coat - with the exception of Delaney and Nadia where I applied three coats.


First up is Kelsey, a vibrant blue-pased pink cream. I at first was a bit confused about this color being in a winter collection. Pinks like this scream Spring/Summer to me. But I think the cool undertones make it work. The formula for this was good. I had no issues with application.


Ming is the first of the two red in this collection. I wore this color for about a week when I received the polishes. I usually don't go for these cool-toned reds as I'm not always a fan of how they look on me but this one was very pretty. It's a prefect Holiday-season red. The formula was on the thin side but not unmanageable and I was still able to reach full opacity with two coats. 


Solstice is a coral-pink infused with flecks of gold glitter. This one surprised me. I was pretty meh about it in the bottle but it came alive once applied to my nails. The formula is good - not thick of thin and had decent application. Does this color scream Winter or Holiday? Not so much. But this is a surprise fave for me. 


Landon is a dusky plum-based purple cream. The formula for this one was similar to Kelsey. Easy to apply with no issues. I'm honestly pretty meh about this one. It's a  pretty purple but nothing special. 


Fallon is a fuchsia pink metallic. The formula was decent. A tad thin but easy to work with. This was another one that was pretty meh for me. It's veering into frosted territory with the finish which as you all know, isn't my cup of tea. 


Danielle is a dusky blue cream. This formula was pretty much identical to Landon's. I feel the same way about this one as I do about Landon as well. Pretty but a bit meh. 


Sheri is the second red cream of the collection. This was one is a bit deeper and richer. Unfortunately the formula wasn't that great. It was incredibly sheer, runny and patchy and even after two coats my nail line was still visible (as you can see in the photos). I prefer red cream polishes to have thicker and more opaque formulas. 


Tawny is a rosy-toned copper. This colors is so pretty! The bottle just does not do it justice. The formula was pretty good as well. Not thick or thin and no issues with application. If you are looking for an alternative to gold polish for the Holiday season this would be a great option!


Isadora is a deep rich purple metallic with blue and pink reflects. Guys. This color. OMG. I literally gasped when I applied it. It reminds so much of Illamasqua Baptiste, only slightly lighter in tone. The formula was a bit thin but I was still able to achieve opacity with two coats. This one is a stunner and a perfect winter purple. 


Zoya describes Nadia as a "disco-gold" metallic topper. I would agree with this. They also describe it as "buildable", which I would not agree with. The formula is simply too thin and yet gel-like for buildable coverage IMO. I used three coats of Nadia in the pics and as you can see my nails were still pretty visible underneath. I would not apply more than three coats as it would become thick and gloopy looking. The coats simply don't apply well over one another. But - this would look amazing over navy blue or black or even a dark green or red.


And now we come to my least favorite polish of the entire collection. Delaney is described as a "multichromatic" with a metallic flip. Yeah... it just looks like a purple frost to me. I didn't see any shift on my nail (though you can kind of see it in the bottle). Not to mention that formula is just not good. It was incredibly thin and runny and even with three coats I felt like I still wasn't able to build it up to full opacity. 


And last but not least is another fave for me, Blake. Blake is described as a deep sapphire blue. I would describe it more as a deep blackened blue with green and gold flecks. In the bottle in certain light it either looks green or black. I had no idea this color was actually a dark blue until I applied it. And wow! This color kind of blew me away. When it hits the light the reflects really sparkle. My only gripe is that in low light the flecks are pretty much non-existent and it looks like you are just wearing a dark black or green polish. The formula was on the thin side but applied well and was opaque in two coats.



So, what do you all think? Any must-haves for you in this collection? Let me know in the comments! My faves are Tawny, Solstice, Blake and Isadora.


The Party Girls collection is currently available on the Zoya website. Each bottle retails for $10