Zoya Urban Grunge Collection Swatches & Review - Metallic Holos

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Hello lovelies! I am back with part two of my review of the Zoya Urban Grunge Collection. Today I am reviewing the Metallic Holos. This part of the collection feature 3 metallic polishes and 3 of Zoya's signature holos. 


The Details:

I used two coats for each polish and no base or top coat (this was mostly just to save time).


First up is Alicia, a silver linear holo. This for me was a pretty standard silver holo polish. I have quite a few and there are a million to be found on the nail polish market (mostly by indie brands) so I wasn't wowed by this one color-wise. The formula was very good I used two coats and had no issues with application.


Britta is a deep berry metallic. The formula on this one was great. I used two coats and it applied smoothly. Finish-wise this isn't a favorite of mine, but I'm not a big metallic finish person to begin with. If you love metallics and berry red this one is a great option. 


Next up is Merida, an evergreen scattered holo. There are so may reasons why I love this polish; the color, the name (where my Brave fans at?!) and the finish. I am a big fan of Zoya's scattered holos. I think they do them better than any other brand out there. The formula was good as well. Thin on the first coat but completely opaque with the second. And the shine factor is amazing. I have no top coat on in these pics!


Troy is a charcoal, gunmetal gray metallic. The color and finish reminds me a lot of Loredana from Zoya's Matte Velvet Collection. The formula was decent very similar to Britta's.


Finley is a rich deep purple scattered holo. My second favorite of the collection! The formula was identical to Merida's including the high shine factor. This reminded me a lot of Aurora but is a bit darker and richer in tone. I was originally going to do a swatch comparison but they are not that close even in the bottle. If you care to see a comparison I have a photo on my Instagram of the two bottles side by side so you can see the differences. In other words - you definitely need both!


Last in the group is Ash, a cherry red metallic. Formula was identical to the other metallics in the collection. If you are looking for a more classic red as opposed to the berry color of Britta this would be a good option. 

I am in love with the two of the holos in this collection, Merida and Finley. The jewel tones of both are so lovely and I love Zoya's scattered holos. Other than that I found this part of the collection so-so. I am not a metallic fan so I don't see myself reaching for the other colors like I would for the holos. 


The Urban Grunge Collection can be found on the Zoya website and retails for $10 a bottle. 

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