10 Nail Art Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

If you are like me, you are always looking for inspiration or ideas to keep the creative juices flowing. For me, Instagram has become one of my main sources for nail art inspiration.  Today, I've compiled a list of some (this post would have been insanely long if I'd included them all!) of my favorite Instagrammers! These are in no particular order - they are all equally awesome!


1. Nails and Towel

Katia's nails are sick. Seriously. And so is her nail art. I had a hard time choosing a pic to use for this post because there were so many that I wanted to use. Captain America-themed nail art? Check. Cool freehand designs? Check. Bad-ass nail art techniques? Check. You know what to do peeps. Hit that follow button!


2. Sveta_Sanders

Sveta Sanders or as I call her, the Nail Art Empress of Instagram is someone who with nearly 1 million followers many of you already know. If you don't know her then you've probably seen her work floating around the interwebs and not even realized it.  She is the person behind many of the 30-second nail art videos that have gone viral. Her nails are stunning, her nail art is perfection and her photos give me serious photographer envy!


3. Lyly Nails

Lyly Nails, run by Sahyly, exploded onto the scene about two years ago and has been going gangbusters ever since. She is prolific and the sheer amount of nail art she does on a day to day basis blows my mind. And the fact that it is always stunning and flawless is even more reason to be impressed. She plays around with nail shape and length which always keeps things interesting. 


4. Coewless

Are you looking for some truly mind-blowingly gangster freehand nail art? Then you need Coewless on your feed pronto! Seriously. She blows my mind with amount of detail and precision she brings to her nail art. 99% of which is freehand! 


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5. Solo Nails

Pristine nail art, pristine swatches, pristine photography... this account is the whole package. Julia's nail art is always on point but I also lover her account for her gorgeous swatches!


6. Lady and the Stamp

Debbie gives me serious stamping skills envy! She manages to come up with cool and unique designs, incorporating various cool techniques to her base colors.


7. Nailstorming

Nailstorming, run by Gianna, is an account I have been following for ahwile now. Her designs are beautiful, delicate and simple- but never boring!  I always feel inspired by her posts.


8. CopyCat Claws

I have featured Serene here on VV a few times but I am mentioning her again because she's awesome. She is the Queen of nail stamping. And her freehand skills aren't too shabby either. If you don't follow her blog then you definitely need to follow her on Instagram. She posts pics of her latest blog posts so you can marvel at her work even if you don't have the time to read a full blog post. PS - the stamping in the photo below is amazing isn't it?!


9. Glitterfingersss

 Lexa is a bad ass. Plain and simple. She FREEHANDED the nail art in the pic below peeps! You don't get much more bad ass than that!


10. Shanna's Nail Adventures

Shanna's account is another that continually inspires me. Fun colorful and creative nail art along with beautiful swatches. A definite must follow!

What are some of your favorite nail art instagram accounts. Let me know in the comments section!


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