10 Nail Art Prompts To Help You Break Out of Your Creative Rut - w/printable checklist

I have a bit of a confession to make. For the last few months I have been suffering from a really bad bout of creative block. It started in late Spring and has lasted the entire summer. It's one of the reasons why there hasn't been any nail art on the blog lately. Any nail art that I did attempt didn't turn out the way I'd wanted or I simply didn't like. It was brutal. Over the last two weeks I am finally feeling inspired and excited again about nail art. I even have ideas for future posts that I can't wait to try out. The reasons or way that I turned the corner on this is two-fold: 1. I stopped fighting it and allowed myself to just not stress out over it. I instead focused on creating other content for the blog. 2. When I did do nail art I tried not to put any pressure on myself in regards to what the end product would or should be. Sometimes I photographed it. Sometimes I didn't. This has allowed me the space to be creative just for the sake of it without feeling any pressure to "produce".

I think we all experience this at one point or another no matter what your creative field or hobby may be. And so for my fellow nail art lovers out there who are currently in a rut I have created a fun checklist of prompts. There is a also a handy printable checklist with 10 bonus prompts for you to print out and use!



1. Black, White & Grey

2. Glitter & Matte

3. Double Stamping

4. Polka Dots & Stripes

5. Freehand Flowers

6. Negative Space

7. Silver & Gold

8.  Galaxy Nails

9. 3D Nail Art

10. Inspired by Pop Art

For 10 additional prompts be sure to download your free printable list below!

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