3 Summer Neon Nail Art Designs with Whats Up Nails Vinyls and China Glaze Lite Brites Collection

Whoa is that nail art you are seeing here on Valiantly Varnished?! Why, yes, yes it is friends. After a long creative nail art drought I am finally inspired again. One of the main factors for my current influx of creative juices (that sounds really weird now that I've actually typed it out, but whatever) is nail vinyls. My time for nail art has been a bit limited lately and nail vinyls have been the perfect way for me to do nail art in a relatively short amount of time. I've tried a few brands since vinyls first came onto the scene but the ones I have been loving the most lately are the one from Whats Up Nails. They are affordable and easy to use. And they are large enough for long nails or wide nail beds as well. It's a win win! Since I have been using them pretty much non-stop over the last few weeks I decided to show you three of the looks I've sported and really loved. Because my other obsession at the moment is the China Glaze Lite Brites Collection. I haven't stopped wearing them since I bought almost two months ago. They are kind of the perfect neons and the formulas are awesome as well. 


First up is a design featuring the x-pattern nail vinyls I spoke about in last week's post. I have attempted to do this using just striping tape (back when I was a glutton for punishment) and was so happy to see the pattern in vinyl form. I used two colors from the Lite Brites Collection for this design.  The base color is Lime After Lime. I added a layer of fast dry top coat and let fully dry. I then applied my vinyls and sponged on Bite Me followed by a final layer of top coat. 


Next up is a design I am currently rocking as I type this. I was not really in the mood for black polish but I really wanted to use my star vinyls and of course my Lite Brites. I used Lip Smackin' Good, Lime After Lime and  None of Your Risky Business. For the yellow stars I used Zoya Pippa.


This color combo was my favorite of the trio! I used the dripping vinyls for this design and layered Lip Smackin' Good over another China Glaze fave, At Vase Value.

Here is a quick run down of tips for using nail vinyls:

  • Make sure your base color is completely dry before applying the vinyl. Otherwise the vinyl will lift all of your hard work off the nail. Use a fast-dry top coat and wait a good 10-15 minutes before applying your vinyl. I learned the hard way that it's better to wait a few extra minutes than have to redo all of your work!
  • Make sure that you place the vinyl flat against the nail. The sides should be completely flat against the nail to prevent your polish from bleeding through. 
  • Use a makeup sponge to apply your polish over the vinyl. Tap the polish on - don't press! This may not work with more sheer polish formulas. You may have to use the bottle brush- but work quickly when doing so and don't pile the polish on. Use two thin coats as opposed to one thick one. This will minimize any bleeding. 
  • Remove the vinyl quickly using tweezers once you're finished applying you polish over it. 
  • Wait a few minutes before applying your final layer of top coat otherwise you may smear you design. 


Whats Up Nail Vinyls are available via their website. They retails for around $3.75  a sheet with free standard US shipping. The China Glaze Lite Brites collection is available via Ulta, Sally Beauty and other retailers. I purchased mine online via HB Beauty Bar

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