Zoya Sunsets Summer 2016 Collection - Swatches & Review

*Provided for Review

Two swatch posts in one week?! Can you believe it?! I have to say I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now. So productive! Today I have for you the first part of Zoya's 2016 summer collections, Sunsets. Sunsets is a collection of 6 "one-coat" creme polishes in bright summer-inspired colors. 


I was very intrigued with the idea of one coat creme polish. I mean, that's the dream, right? To be able to sit down and do one coat of a polish and be good to go? Well, unfortunately wasn't as successful with this as I would have hoped. I wound up needing two with most if not all of the polishes in the collection. I tend to to do thicker coats when painting my nails but decided to do regular to thin coats as most other people would. Because of this I had opacity issues. 


First up is Dory, a bright blue creme. This came out at the perfect time since Finding Dory opens this weekend in theaters! Formula-wise this was one of the easier polishes. The formulas on all of these were a tad peculiar - some thick and some thin - but this one was a nice consistency. However, I still needed two coats for an opaque finish.


Zoya describes Liv as a "fun-filled" purple on their site. This reads more as a mute mauve/purple than a true purple on me. I would have preferred something a little brighter for Summer. The formula was one of the thinnest in the collection. I used two thin coats for opacity. 


Ness is described as softened jade green. This is pretty accurate. The consistency was similar to Dory's . And as you can see in the pics I had some issues with leveling and streaks. This is a really pretty green but again this reads more Spring than Summer to me.


Next up is Brynn, a bright "popsicle" pink. This was definitely the thinnest of all of the polishes. I used two coats and after looking at pictures, I could have probably used a third. Color-wise I think it's prefect for the season. But, unfortunately it was my least favorite for application.


Cam is my second favorite color of this collection. First off it's bright orange - which is one of my favorite colors for Summer. Second - it has the best formula in the collection. I still needed two coats but they applied really well and evenly. I wore this color for a week and I am currently rocking it on my toes. This is a great Summer pedicure color!


And last but not least is Dixie, a watermelon red with a hint of pink. This is my absolute favorite color of the collection. It's so bright and juicy and gorgeous! I thought Cam would be the one to steal my heart until I tried this one on. The formula is on the thinner side - but it was perfectly fine with two coats and I had no issues with application. This is one of those colors that looks good on everybody. 

So overall my feelings on this collection are that I'm disappointed. I think if Zoya hadn't marketed them as one coat cremes my expectations would have been more realistic. But because they did I found it lacking. Also, I feel like some of the colors would be better suited for a Spring collection. My two faves of course are Cam and Dixie, though I think Dory is also really pretty witha  good formula.

The Zoya Sunsets collection is available on the Zoya website. Each polish retails for $10.