Zoya Seashells 2016 Summer Collection - Swatches & Review

*Provided for Review

Hello my fellow polish warriors! Today I have for you the second half of the Zoya Summer collection, Seashells. This collection is made up of 6 colors in Zoya's signature Pixie Dust texture.  Zoya had originally announced that they were discontinuing the Pixie Dust line so I was pleasantly surprised to see these in the press release. 

Let me start off by saying I was a huge fan of Zoy'a original Pixie Dust line. Since then the line and the formulas has changed quite a bit and I have never had the same squeals of joy I experienced with the OG collection.

First up is Zooey. Zoya describes it as aclassic pink laced with fine gold. This reads far more coral-y than pink to me. The formula was good I use two thin coats for full opacity. This is a lovely color but reads more Spring than Summer to me. 


Next up is Cece. A bright green with yellow undertones and gold. The formula on this one wasn't great. Very thin and sheer. I usually only do two coats with textured polishes because anymore than that and it can start to look weird. I used two coats for this polish and as you can see I still had visible nail line. I also just don't like how this looks against my skin tone.  I managed to get a direct sunlight pic (the sun was playing possum with the clouds that day) and it definitely looks better in sunlight.


Bay is a sky blue laced with silver. I had the exact same issues with Bay that I and with Cece - the formula was super thin and even with two coats I couldn't achieve full opacity. Also like Cece, Bay looks much better when in direct sunlight, but you can still see how sheer it is.


Linds is described as a cherry red with fuchsia glitter. Linds had one of the better formulas. It's on the thicker side and I achieved opacity with two thin coats. One of my all-time favorite textured polishes is Zoya Chyna. It's one of those colors that I consistently reach for during the fall and winter and so Linds had a lot to live up to. Unfortunately I found it a bit flat Even in direct sunlight it didn't really sparkle all that much. 

Next up is Tilly, a silvery gray. The formula on this was one of the better of the bunch. It applied evenly and I achieved full opacity in two thin coats. My only issue with this polish is that it's silver. And silver just doesn't scream Summer to me. Managed to get one last sun shot before it disappeared. Forevvvverr! Just kidding. It came back. The next day. 


And last we have Levi. This was my favorite of the collection. It had the best formula and well, I'm a sucker for gold. I wore this one as an accent nail with some nail art and it held up nicely for a good week.  That's pretty impressive for a textured polish. I used two coats and had no issues with application. 


I really wanted to like this collection, but unfortunately it just didn't live up to my expectations. I think Zoya missed the mark a bit on the color choices. My favorite in the collection is Levi. It hands down had the best formula.


Zoya Seashells collection is available via the Zoya website and retails for $10 a bottle.