KBShimmer 2016 Summer Collection - Partial Swatches and Review

Good morning gang! It has been forever and a day since I've done a swatch post for you but I have not one but two for you this week! I know - you're probably saying, "Whoa Ameerah, whoa! Don't hurt yourself." I spent the better part of Saturday morning doing a lot of swatching. Two things I'd forgotten: How time-consuming swatching is and also how fun it can be. 

Today I have for your drooling pleasure three polishes from the KBShimmer Summer 2016 Collection. 


First up is That's Nude To Me. A soft linear nude holo. I am such a sucker for colors like this. Seriously. I have a problem. The formula was good. I achieved opacity with two easy coats. I had no issues with streaks or patches.


Next up is my favorite of the three polishes, Ready For A Good Lime. A creamy neon lime green with a hint of yellow undertones. I love colors like this for summer and they look really good on me, if I do say so myself. The formula was great; a little on the thick side but not hard to work with. I didn't have to layer it over a white base to get the full color effect. I used two coats for pictures but I could probably have gotten away with just one. 


And last but not least is One Night Sand, a rose gold glitter bomb.  I was really impressed with not only how it applied but also how easy it was to remove. It was too thin or patchy; two coats was enough to get full coverage. I wore this in a nail art design that I created with al three polishes and despite having a ton of this polish on my nails I was able to remove it with non-acetone remover! Pretty impressive for a glitter bomb polish. 

I really like the three polishes I chose from this collection, but now I have my eyes set on a few more that I've since seen swatches of.  It's well-rounded collection with something for everyone. 

Side note: As you may have noticed, I have switched up the way I take photos. I wasn't happy with my old set up and it was putting me off wanting to take photos, so I decided to experiment a bit. This was my first time using this background with this type of natural lighting. Let me know in the comments if you like it!

KBShimmer is sold via the KBShimmer website as well as Amazon.com. Each bottle retails for $9.25

*Provided for review