Zoya Petals Collection Swatches & Review

*Provided for Review

Hello gang! Today I have for your viewing pleasure, the Zoya Petals Collection. The collection features six shimmery Spring-inspired colors.


The formula:

For swatches I used three coats for each polish, with the exception of Leia, and no top coat. The formulas for each of these was relatively thin and I did have issues with streaking and getting a smooth application. My recommendation for applying these is to do one thin coat, followed my two more thin coats or one thick coat. 

First up is Aster. Zoya describes it as a periwinkle with flecks of fuchsia. This reads as more of a lavender on me than a blue. This was my favorite of the bunch both for the color and formula-wise. I had the least amount of issues with this it during application.


Tulip is my second favorite color of the collection. It's described as a salmon peach cream with a hint of shimmer. I really wish my camera had been able to pick up more of the shimmer in this one because it's gorgeous. It's very subtle and pretty much invisible in low light but it's there.


Azalea is the requisite pink of the collection. It's described as a classic Spring pink with with white and fuchsia flash. This one had one of the better formulas of the collection. I don't have a whole to say about it color-wise because, you know, it's pink. But - if you want a little something other than a plain cream pink this would be a great option.


Zahara is a shimmering coral with an opalescent finish.  The finish veers very close to being a frost. The formula was very similar to Azalea. I had no issues with application.


Laurel is the more pink sister of Tulip. The finish and formulas are identical. 


And last is Leia. It is described as a sheer opalescent white with gold, green and fuchsia flecks. Guys...you know how I feel about frosted polish. And that's essentially what this is so it was not a favorite of mine. The formula was pretty decent - this was surprisingly on the thicker side and had an almost jelly-like consistency. I used one coat over Laurel and two coats on it's own for pics.

My final thoughts

I have to admit I'm a bit meh about this collection now that I've tried it on. I was so excited for it when seeing other bloggers' swatches, but I just wasn't feeling most of the colors on myself. I also am just not a fan of opalescent/frost finishes. I would have like the collection more if the finishes had all been similar to Tulip and Laurel. The two standouts for me are Aster and Tulip. What are your thoughts on this collection? Are there any favorites on your must-have list? Let me know in the comments!

The Zoya Petals collection is available via the Zoya website. Each bottle retails for $10