Pride & Prejudice & Zombies inspired Nail Art w/Moyra Stamping Plates

Today's post is a fun bit of nail art I did over the weekend after seeing a million reviews of the new film Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, due out tomorrow in theaters. I never read the book (the zombie version - I've read the original), but I hear it's a lot of fun and actually pretty good. This also gave me the chance to use my Moyra Stamping Plates!

I recently participated in a group buy for Moyra stamping plates and have been itching to try them out. Moyra is a company based out of Hungary that sells nail art tools, polish and stamping plates. I limited myself to three plates because well, my collection of unused plates has been growing far too much and I wanted to make sure that I would actually get around to using the ones I purchased. I selected three plates : Stamping Plate No. 5 - Vintage, Stamping Plate No. 12 - Faces,  and Stamping Plate No. 14 - Moments. I used an image from each plate for this design. I also used an image from the MoYou London Pride & Prejudice plate from their Literature collection because you know, obvi.


Polishes used:

Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Zoya Nana, Genevieve, Willa and Spencer

Konad Special Black

Sally Hansen Rapid Red

KBShimmer Clearly on Top

Plates used:

MoYou London Literature Plate 10 & Pro Plate 07

Moyra Plates 5, 12 & 14

Bundle Monster Plate 603


As you can see from the list I used a lot of plates for this design. It sounds like way more work than it actually was. I started with one coat of Snow Me White and once dry I sponge on my Zoya colors to create a "zombie skin" effect. I then stamped on my images from the Moyra, Bundle Monster  and Moyou Plates using Konad Black and Rapid Red and finished with top coat. Easy peasy!

I love how these turned out! They're quirky and funny which is what I was going for. My favorite finger is definitely the Victorian woman mainly because she fits so nicely on my nail and I was worried that she'd be too big. Three cheers for happy surprises!

What do you all think? Do you have a favorite nail? Also, will you be going to see the movie Pride & Prejudice & Zombies? Let me know in the comments!