KBShimmer Water Slide Decals Swatch & Review

Happy Monday gang! Today I have for your viewing pleasure three decal designs from KBShimmer, that I recently picked up. I am a huge love of decals - they are great if you are short on time or nail art talent and want to do something fun. 


Decal details:

All of the decals in this post require a plain white background. I applied one coat of white polish (SInful Colors Snow Me White) onto the fingers that would be wearing the decals. The decals are transparent so this in important in making sure that the images are visible. Each set comes with 1 sheet of decals that contains ten decals to fort each nail from pinky to thumb. The decals are fairly wide so I was able to pick and choose which patterns I liked best for each nail (with the exception of the decals for the pinky). 

I applied them using room temperature water and removed the excess using a clean-up brush dipped in acetone.  I allowed for my white base to dry completely before applying the decals. I then followed up with a layer of KBShimmer Clearly on Top to seal the decal and add shine.


First up is the Coral Cream Plaid Floral Water Decal. I opted to use all the patterns in this set because I love the skittle effect. The decals are fairly thin and delicate. I made the mistake of using too many brush strokes when applying top coat to my middle finger and in disintegrated part of the decal. Luckily, because you are given two of each design in the set I was able to re do it. My advice is to apply only thick layer of top coat in one stroke and allow to dry and then use your clean up brush to remove any excess.


Next is the Snowflakes Navy Blue Water Decals. I love these because they just scream winter! I applied these the same way I applied the first set. I opted for an accent nail of Zoya Yves. I was worried when putting these on over the white that they would look a bit washed out but the pattern is nice and vibrant once on the nail.


Last but not least we have the set that first caught my eye and my favorite of the three, the Foxy Winter Water Slide Decal. How adorable are these?! I am sucker for anything with foxes on them (or cats or owls) so these were a must have for me. In fact - I am still wearing them I love them so much. For the accent nails I used Dance Legend No. 328

KBShimmer water decals are sold on their site and retail for $2.95 a set.