My Top Five Favorite Bloggers of 2015 - Nail Art

Hi all! Can you believe that 2015 is nearly over?! This year has flown by especially fast. Every year I usually do a round-up of my pick of my favorite nail art that I've done over the year. This year I wanted to do something a little special (though don't worry, I will still be posting my 2015 nail art round up later this week!). I wanted to give a special shout out to the ladies' whose nail art inspired me this year. I read a TON of nail blogs so this list could have been a mile long but I decided to keep it to five. This list is in no particular order since that would have been waaay too hard of a decision to make!


Lindsay - Wondrously Polished

I started following Lindsay nearly two years ago when she first started blogging and I was blown away by her talent back then. I couldn't imaging compiling this list without her on it. All of her nail art is freehand. Yup - freehand people. The girls has mad skills and her floral designs are just beyond. Seriously. They are true works of art.  Here is one of my favorite floral pattern designs she created this year. I had the hardest time picking just one!



Serene - CopyCat Claws

Serene - or as I call her - the nail stamping ninja - is the blogger who made me fall in love with stamping all over again. She is just so creative with her nail stamping and the ends results are always flawless. She uses really interesting techniques combining them with traditional stamping for really cool and unique nail art. Again - I had a hard time picking just one nail art design I loved. But this giraffe print design was high on my list.



Deborah - Love Varnish

I started following Deborah not long after I started this blog. I sometimes think of her as my spirit animal. Our aesthetics are so similar that often times when I am thinking of a nail art idea she has already done it! She has an incredible knack for re-imaging a stamping plate she's used before and coming up with something completely unique and fresh. And she has inspired me to do the same. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Deborah a bit over the last year and she;'s an awesome person on top of it all.  The look I chose is one of my favorites she's done and is one of my all time favorite color combos. 




Shelly - Sassy Shelly

Shelly is an OG. She's been blogging for quite some time ans has managed to keep what she does fresh, interesting and exciting. Her nail art is in "on fleek". I honestly don't know how she does it. As I was going through her nail art pics and picking out my favorites I was so impressed with how prolific she is while managing to repeat herself. I picked this particular design because I loved the soft subtle gradient and how delicate this look was. 



Emily - Very Emily

What can I say about Emily? She's amazeballs. her nail art is always so creative and fun and colorful and make me want to immediately sit down and do my nails and try to come up with something half as great as what she does. Her nail art is truly inspiring. The look I chose is one that I think encapsulates what makes her such a great nail artist. It's unexpected, fun, colorful and creative. With perfect execution thrown in as well. 



And there you have it folks - my Top Five favorite nail bloggers of 2015. This was a hard list to compile since I follow so many amazing bloggers. Sooo....I decided to split my list in two! Stay tuned for my Top Five Bloggers  - Swatchers later this week! Oh, yeah!