Zoya Matte Velvet Fall Winter 2015 Collection Swatches & Comparison

Oh yeah! It's almost Friday baby! I'm pumped for the weekend - I have lots of not-so-fun things to do but once they're done I will be sooo happy. Yay for productivity! Today I have for you the Zoya Matte Velvet Fall Winter 2015 Collection. I am a huge fan of the original Matte Velvet collection so I was very intrigued when I saw the press release for this one. There were some familiar and expected colors in it but it had a few additions that I thought rounded out the line very well. While swatching these I decided to compare two of the colors that upon first glance may look exactly like two of the colors from the original line. 



I used 2 coats for all pics and though I usually use a base coat even when wearing matte or textured polish, I decided to follow Zoya's instructions and skip the base coat for pics.

Zoya Aspen is described as am arctic white with pearl flecks. And yeah, that sounds about right. I knew before I swatched this one that I probably wasn't going to like it. Because it's frosted and frosted polish to me are like split ends. I just don't want em'. But in the interest of  swatching I put it on. I wish I had something nice to say about this polish but well I just don't. The formula was the hardest to work with of the collection. It was very thick and did not level out very well. One positive note is that it's perfect for winter/holiday nail art. So maybe I will use it again. Maybe.


Amal is the obligatory red of the collection. I immediately thought of Posh when I saw it and though yes they are both red I think the similarities end there. Formula-wise Amal was pretty good. I had no issues during application. I decided to apply Posh to one of my ring finger to get a side-by-side view

As you can see Posh is noticeably darker. Amal has more orange undertones, while Posh's are more blue. The finish is also smoother and less textured than Amal. If I had to choose between the two I would pick Posh. I think the color is more universally flattering. 


Next up is Honor. I lurv me some green polish so I was super excited to get my hands on this one. The formula was similar to Amal's; not too thick or thin and applied evenly. Veruschka from the original line is my favorite color from that collection (and one of my favorite Zoya colors overall) so I of course had to compare the two. I applied Veruschka to my ring finger.

As you can see these are definitely not dupes. Veruschka is darker and richer with a smoother finish. Honor is brighter and more blue-toned. I really like Honor but seeing the two colors side by side only made me fall in love with Veruschka more. It's just such a stunning polish!

Next up is the gold in the collection, Sue. I was beyond happy to see that there was a gold being added to the Matte Velvet line. But this one for me reads like Aspen does. More frost than metallic. So I was not as excited as I thought I would be. The formula is leaps and bounds better than Aspen's. I have no issues with application; it self-leved nicely as well. I think this color would have worked better if it was darker richer more yellow-based gold. A matte version of Ziv. Ahhh...I get excited just picturing that! Please Zoya please come out with a velvet version of Ziv!


Next is Iris. She is described as a deep amethyst. I would personally describe her as more of a plum color. The formula was a bit thin, I had a few issues with it not applying evenly and as result had some spots that were lighter than others. This one for me looks better in the bottle than it does on the hand - at least my hand. All of that beautiful fuchsia flash you see in the bottle gets lost on the nail which bummed me out. I love the color though so I decided to try it out with top coat and whoa! This polish comes alive with top coat people!

How amazing does Iris look with top coat?! Seriously?! This is the only way I will wear her from now on. 

Last we have Yves. I was sooo excited to see a blue added to the line. I am not even that big of a blue polish fan but I feel every solid polish line needs a good blue, you know? The formula on this one was similar to Amal and Honor's. I had zero issues with application. While I really like Yves on it's own, like Iris, with a little top coat it becomes a completely different polish. 

All that sparkle and shimmer tho'! So amazing!

So overall, this collection is okay. I wish Zoya had stuck with the original formulation it used in the first Matte Velvet collection. These polishes all read a bit more textured, which I don't hate but compared to the originals doesn't look as nice. The standouts for me are Honor and Yves. 

What about you all? Have you picked up this collection yet? and if so what are your favorite colors?

The Matte Velvet collection is available via the Zoya site. They retail for $10 a bottle.