Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Fragments & Chaos Collection and Grand Canyon Destination Duo

*Provided for Review

Hello lovelies! I have more gorgeous Blue Eyed-Girl Lacquer polish for your viewing pleasure today. But first - let's talk about my nails. My poor sad nails. You see, last Friday was my company's Annual Halloween party which I am in charge of. And like pretty much all Halloween parties before my nails did not survive the day. And of course all the broken nails were on my swatch hand because life. At one point I had one nail break twice - on both sides. But I would not let that deter me - the swatches must go on! And so, like the manicure ninja that I am, I cut them down, rounded the already decimated edges and voila! Nubbins for days! My nails grow pretty fast so I know this state won't last forever but I wanted to share my pain with you all since if you're reading this blog... well then you probably understand the pain and horror of broken nails. On to the swatches!

First up, I have the collection, Fragments & Chaos.The collection consists of 4 polishes, two dark vampies and two light soft colors. I used 2- 3 coats for each polish and top coat for shine.

We Fly With Our Spirit is  dark purple/indigo jelly with scattered orange flecks. This was my favorite from the collection! The color is so perfect for this time of year. Because it is a jelly it applies pretty sheer on the first coat but I was able to achieve really nice opacity with the second coat. I do wish that the flecks in the polish showed up on the nail as much as it does in the bottle, but I love it nonetheless.

The Best Blaze is light blue jelly filled with silver and blue holo particles. The formula on this one was the sheerest of the bunch. I used two coats for pics and in real life my nails looked fairly opaque, though as you can see in photos they could definitely have used a third coat. It appears a bit streaky and patchy, but I think a third coat would have gone a long way to remedy this. The polish screams winter to me and I see it as a great base for winter-themed nail art.

I Could See Them Too is a black metallic glitter in a clear base chocked full of silver holo glitter particles and fuchsia flakies. Because the base is fairly sheer I applied this over one coat of black creme polish. This is one coat so the as you can see the glitter pay off is awesome. This polish is very textured and will eat your top coat. I used one coat of top coat for pics and by the time I'd started taking pics the glitter had eaten it all. So definitely two coats of top coat for this one to get a smooth shiny finish. I grabbed black polish for my base since it was close by but I also think this would look amazing over a bright color like pink or teal.

The last polish in the collection is I Have Known You Since You Were Small. A bright teal-y blue jelly filled with silver and holo glitter similar to The Best Blaze. This is my second favorite of the collection. The color is so gorgeous! Like The Best Blaze the formula was very sheer. This time I had teh presence of mind to add a third coat and the opacity was great. I had no issues with application and no streaks or patches.

Next up I have the Grand Canyon Destination Duo. This is Julie's collaboration with Model City Polish.

First up is Julie's contribution to the duo, Time And A River. For some reason the name of this makes me hum that old 1970's Jim Croce song "Time in A Bottle". I hummed it the entire time I took pictures of this polish. Because I'm weird like that. Anyway, the polish itself is amazeballs! I am such a sucker for these kinds of polishes. The formula on this one was great; I had no issues during application.  It is a bit on the sheer side but I was able to achieve full opacity in two coats. It does dry a bit dull so you will need top coat for shine. 

Next up is the Model City contribution, Bucket List. Oh how I love this polish! It's such a perfect partner for Time And a River. It is reminds me of sand and beaches so much. It has tons of bronze and copper fleck with hints of blue shimmer throughout. Stunning! The formula was great as well; nice and creamy and opaque in two coats. Again I recommend top coat for shine with this one. 

My personal faves from the Fragments & Chaos collection are We Fly With Our Spirit and I Have Known You Since You Were Small. And I simply can't pick a favorite of the Grand Canyon Duo because I love both polishes!

The Fragments & Chaos collection is available via the Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquerwebsite and retails for $21-$37.50 for the entire collection. Individual minis and full-size bottles of each are available as well. The Grand Canyon Duo is also available and retails for $20. Along with the two polishes you also receive a small bag of copper nail art studs from Pueen!

What do you all think? Any of these polishes make it on to your wish list? And if so, which ones? Let me know in the comments!