Subtle Stamping w/Zoya Ember and Sia and Hehe Plate 019

*Press Sample

Good day peeps! It's been a good while since I've done some stamping and I had the perfect excuse to do some nail art with the new Hehe stamping plate I received from Lady Queen to review. I fell in love with one particular pattern on this plate that I was very excite to try. While deciding what color combo to go with two colors from the Zoya Fall Collections popped into my head and seemed like the perfect pairing, Sia a rich blue cream, and Ember an incandescent orange-red metallic. 


Tools used:

Hehe Plate 019

Creative Stamper and Scraper

Color4nails Crystal Veil

Polishes used:

Zoya Sia

Zoya Ember

KBshimmer Clearly on Top


This was super quick and easy to do: I started with just one generous coat of Sia and allowed to dry. I then applied Crystal Veil around my cuticles for easy clean-up and stamped with Hehe 019 and Ember. I finished with a coat of Clearly on Top. 

I was really impressed with the Hehe Plate. The image stamped crisply and cleanly.  I own a few others that I haven't gotten around to trying yet that I definitely want to bust out now!

I'm also really happy with how well Ember stamped! This color combo is amazing. Three cheers for unexpected color pairings!


 Hehe Plate 019    is available for purchase on the Lady Queen website and retails for $2.99. be sure to use my personal promo code BNST15 for 15% off your order.