31DC2015 Day 14 - Flowers

I feel the need to preface today's post with the disclaimer that I am not at all happy with the end result of today's Flowers prompt. I had such grand ideas for it and then over the weekend after I had to wipe my computer and reset back to factory settings, I took to my bed with a sinus infection. That sounds like a scene out of a historical film but that's how it felt!  I honestly didn't know if I was going to have the energy to post anything. I could barely see and I could barely breathe and the thought of being creative felt just as impossible as swimming across the ocean. Or you know, getting up to go to the bathroom. You get what I mean. 

So yeah...here are my rather sad flowers that are nothing like the bitchin flower nail art I'd planned to do. 

Tools used:

Medium detailing brush

Polishes used:

Polish My Life Nude Lace

Wet N' Wild Black

Wet N' Wild White French Creme

Colors by Llarowe Fast Girls

Colors by Llarowe Girls Shift Faster

KBShimmer Clearly on Top


I started with two coats of Nude Lace. Then using my detailing brush I painted on my petals using Black. I accented the flowers with White French Creme and added a bit of color by lightly painting on a bit of Fast Girls and Girls Shift Faster. I finished with a coat of Clearly on Top.

So yeah not my best work but I'm proud of myself for sucking up and getting it posted. I'm feeling marginally better today hopped up on meds and tea so here's hoping this stupid sinus infection goes away soon!

31DC2014 - Flowers