Zoya Focus Collection Swatches & Review

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Hello out there! I was not intending to take a week long break from the blog but that's kind of how it turned out. Things were crazy busy at work and in life last week (my cat Finn had to have dental surgery, and I was busy planning and overseeing my company annual summer outing), and I barely had time to do my nails let alone post. I was feeling crazy guilty about it and then had a nice talk with myself and gave myself permission to be okay with it. Blogging takes a lot of time and sometimes life has to take priority right? Anywho, I'ms starting off with a bang with the first half of Zoya's Fall 2015 collection, Focus. Check out my full review and swatches after the jump!

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The details:
For each polish I used two coats and no top coat. I did use a base coat for a smooth and even application and because...manicure rules. 
First up is Charli. Zoya describes Charli as a dusty taupe with a hint of green. I would describe it more as a dusty green with a hint of taupe! This was the first polish I tried out when I received the collection. I wore it for a full day and loved it. The formula was very easy to work with, a tad on the thin side but not runny. I had no issues with streak or patches. 
Next up is Lidia. Lidia is described as a rich eggplant with a blackened purple base. In low light that is definitely the case. However, in direct sunlight it reads as a bright purple. I liked it both ways. The formula was pretty similar to Charli, though a tad thinner. Nothing unmanageable, but I had to go slower during application to avoid bleeding into the cuticles. 
Janel is the darker of the two reds in the collection, and is described as a deep red with warm undertones. This one reads very classic to me. Nothing particularly exciting but a solid red nonetheless. The formula was decent. Not quite as then as the others. Application was smooth with no streaks or patches. 
Desiree is described as a sable brown cream. I wasn't in love with this one. The formula was one of the thinnest of the bunch. It's described as a cream but applied more like a crelly. Application wasn't awful but I wish they had maybe swapped out this brown for a deep orange perhaps?
 Sia is true royal blue cream and one of my faves from the collection. And it's named after one of my favorite singers! I was surprised at how much I liked this one since I am generally not a blue polish girl (unless it's a sky blue - which I'm obsessed with), but this one I'm in love with! The formula was great - it's one of the least thin formulas of the bunch. This color is crying out for nail art!
Hannah is the last color in the collection and the second red. It's described as a classic red with a neutral undertone. This was the thinnest formula of the bunch. I did experience some cuticle bleeding despite by best efforts to apply it carefully. I'm just kind of underwhelmed by this one. I don't think we needed two reds in the collection. Of the two I would definitely say Janel is my choice. 
And that's it for Focus. My verdict? A decent Fall collection, though I wished they had taken some chances and added a few more unique colors into the mix. My personal faves are Charli, Lidia and Sia. Stay tuned for my full review and swatches of the Zoya Flair collection later this week!
Have any of you picked up this collection? If so, what are your faves? Let me know in the comments!
The Zoya Focus collection is available on the Zoya website and retails for $9 a bottle.