Zoya Flair Collection Swatches & Review

*Press Sample

Hi all! I'm back with the second half of Zoya's Fall 2015 collection, Flair. This half of the collection features metallic polishes in shades complimentary to the Focus collection of cremes. Check out my full review and swatches after the jump. 

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The details:
I used two coats for all polishes and no top coat. I used KBShimmer Base Coat as my base. 
First up is Cinnamon, one of my favorites from this collection. Zoya describes it as a bronze liquid metal, which is fitting, but this also reminds me of a bronze coffee beans. While swatching this all I could think was how much I wanted a latte! Which isn't that unusual since I pretty much always want a latte. But I digress. The formula for this one was fantastic.It was a bit on the thick side for a metallic and I was worried that I would experience dragging when I applied my second. But, nope. Not a single issue with 
Giada is a gorgeous purple liquid metal. Zoya describes it as having a hint of fuchsia pearl. If you look reallly hard you can kind of see it. Otherwise it's kind of non-existent. But no matter because this polish is stunning! It reminds me a lot of Illamasqua Baptiste. Formula was identical to Ember's. I had no issues with application.

Tris is described as a blackened brush nickel. Formula-wise, this was my least favorite of the bunch. The formula was very thin and I wound up using thicker coats to ensure opacity.

Estelle is described as a blue liquid metal with a blackened base. I don't quite see the blackened base in this one. It reads as a straight foward blue. I'm not a huge fan of blue metallics so this one isn't something that I'd reach for very often. The formula was great - slightly thick with no application issues. I say if you love a blue metallic this is a good one to purchase. Also my camera hates blues - especially metallic ones and this polish made my camera go cray cray guys! I tried to color correct as much as possible but yeah...camera no likey.

Ember is a deep fiery red liquid metal. I love this one so much! It remind me of molten lava. The formula was identical to Cinnamon's. I had no issues with application. My only gripe is that my brushstrokes were highly visible with this one. But that could honestly just be user error since I don't apply metallics very often and have not perfected the "no brushstroke" application. If you are deciding on what colors to get I think this one is a definite must have.

Last but certainly not least is Aggie. Zoya has a very interesting descriptions for this one: A gold holo flip liquid metal with bronze microglitter. I guess "flip" is the new term for duochrome? Aggie isn't very flip or duochrome-y on the nail and the microglitter kind of disappears as well. But I honestly don't even care because it is such a gorgeous gold. The formula is thin - thinner than Tris, but I was still able to achieve full opacity with two thin coats which is impressive. Definitely a fave for me from this collection.

Verdict: Between the two collections Flair is definitely my favorite. I am not a metallics girl so I was prepared to not like these but I love almost all of them. My faves are Cinnamon, Giada, Ember and Aggie.

What colors from this collection have caught your eye? Let me know in the comments!

The Zoya Flair collection is currently available on the Zoya website. Each bottle retails for $9.