Rocksbox Review - and Promo Code!

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Happy Hump Day gang! Today I have a different type of "shiny" for your viewing pleasure. Last month Rocksbox contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying out their service. If you have never heard of Rocksbox, it is a monthly subscription service (think Birchbox or ipsy). For $19 a month you get to "rent" premium jewelry. I am a huge jewelry lover so this of course peaked my interest. Each box is tailored to your preferences and likes (you do this by logging into your account and adding items to your "wish list"). Check out below what items I received in my box and my full review of the service. Also check out the bottom of this post for a promo code for 1 free month of Rocksbox!

 First off though, let's talk packaging. As you can see in the photo at the beginning of this post the packaging is adorbs! Seriously. Once you open your box you see a customized card  and an insert that give you details on the items you received. You get a total of three items in each box based on your preferences in your wish list. 
Above is a pic of the card detailing the items I received. The earrings were added by my "stylist" who chose them for me. The other two items were on my wish list. I am a lover of necklaces specifically so I was really excited to see these included in the box. 
I wore each item last week and wanted to get pictures of them for you but my week was crazy and I simply forgot. Sorry! My favorite of the three pieces was the Sophie Harper Bar Necklace. I wore this twice and would have kept it if had been in my shopping budget for the month. But alas, it was not so I sent it back with the other items. That is one of the perks of the service. Any item you get sent you have the option of keeping and paying for at a discounted rate. You can see the discounted prices in the pic above of my items. You also get $10 each month to spend on an item of your choice.
A close - up of the items I received:
Pics courtesy of; Left to right: Gorjana Billie Etched Necklace, Perry Street Jean Crystal Earrings, Sophie Harper Pave Diamond Bar Necklace in Gold
A  note regarding the earrings I was sent:
On the day that I wore them when I was taking them off at the end of the day one of the stones fell out! I was horrified. I e-mailed Rocksbox and they informed me that each item is fully-insured so there was no reason to worry. I could simply send the earrings back and they would take care of fixing them. And they gave me an extra $10 in spending cash for the inconvenience. Great customer service will get me every time!
So far I have really enjoyed Rocksbox. I have sent my first box back and should be receiving another one soon. The thing I like most is that you can send and receive as many boxes as you'd like during the one month period and still only pay the $19 monthly fee. 
If you are interested in trying out the service for yourself, Rocksbox is offering Valiantly Varnished readers a promo to get their first box free! Just use promo code valiantlyvarnishedxoxo when you set up your account. I would definitely recommend trying this out at least once. If you don't like it you can always cancel!