31DC2015 Challenge Announcement

It's that time again! September has crept up on us and it is time for the annual 31 Day Challenge. I was originally planning to skip this year's challenge because I have been so busy and just wouldn't have the time to do nail art that I would be happy with for 31 days straight. But I have participated in one form or another in the challenge since I started blogging and didn't want to miss out on at least some of the fun. So I have decided to do join in on the some of the prompts on certain days. Listed below are the challenge prompts (graphic created by the lovely Sarah at Chalkboard Nails). I have added a check mark next to the days where I will be posting. As always if you'd like to follow along. We will be using the hashtag #31DC2015  so be sure to use that when you post to social media!

Graphic courtesy of

Chalkboard Nails