Toile Nail Art with La Vita e Bella Toile du Jouy Nail Decals

Happy Monday gang! Today I have for you a set of nail decals from La Vita e Bella that I purchased awhile back and am finally getting around to trying out. I am a sucker for Toile print. It's one of my favorite prints of all time. I never get tired of it. But I kind of suck at drawing it freehand so these decals give me the ability to rock one of my favorite patterns without pulling my hair out in frustration!


Tools used

La Vita e Bella Toile du Juoy decals

Clan-up Brush


Polishes used:

Elevation Polish Yeti Hugs Feel so Close

KBShimmer Clearly on Top


I usually don't use full nail decals, so it took me a second to get the hand of these. I did my first two nails with no base color and they adhered nicely. My only gripe was that these decals are fairly narrow and don't cover my entire nail (and I don't have really wide nail beds to begin with). So for the other nails I decided to do a base of Yeti Hugs Feel so Close so that the sides would at least blend somewhat with the decals and I wouldn't have gaps of bare nail on the sides. After applying my decals, I smoothed them out with a bit of paper towel and used acetone and my clean-up brush to remove any excess around the edges and tips of my nails. I then finished with two generous coats of Clearly on Top. The decals are matte and two coats of top coat gave me the perfect amount of shine. 

I'm obsessed! Seriously. These are sooo pretty! I keep looking at my hands and smiling. The decals set comes with two colors blue and burgundy. Blue toile is my favorite so of course I had to try those first but I definitely want to use the burgundy color as well!

What do you all think? Do you like toile pattern? Have you tried La Vite e Bella decals before and if so how did you like them?

La Vita e Bella Toile du Jouy decal retail for $6.00 via their website and ship for $1 to the United States.