MoYou Artist Plate 03: One Pattern Three Designs - Part Three

Today is the final post of the series featuring my favorite pattern from MoYou Artist Plate 03. After doing two really bold designs in a row, I decided to close out the series on a softer note with some double stamping and a velvet-y matte finish.

Tools used:

MoYou Artist Plate 03

Polishes used:

Polish My Life Mauve Rose

Konad Black

Pueen White in White

KBShimmer Clearly on Top

OPI Matte Top Coat


This was the simplest of all three designs to do. I started with one coat of Mauve Rose. This is such a great color and the formula allowed me to get a completely opaque finish with just one coat. I then stamped on my image using Konad Black and White in White. I added a layer of Clearly on Top to speed up the drying process and finished with my Matte Top Coat.

And that's all folks! This little mini-series was a lot of fun to do. It certainly made me think outside the box of what I would normally gravitate towards with a specific pattern. My favorite look of the series is Day One followed my today's. What was your favorite look from this series?