MoYou Artist Plate 03: One Pattern Three Designs - Part Two

We are on to day two of our little mini-series featuring MoYou Artist Plate 03. Today's art is something I came up with on the fly over the weekend. I wanted to do something bright and summer-y and use a technique that I don't use nearly often enough though I love it.

Tools used:

MoYou Artist Plate 03

Plastic Sandwich Bag

Polishes used:

Wet n' Wild White French Creme

Zoya Lillian, Jace, Daisy and Wendy

Konad Black

KBShimmer Clearly on Top


I started with two coat of White French Creme. Once dry, I applied drops of each of my Zoya colors and then applied a small piece of a cut up sandwich bag to create a marbled effect. This is my own little twist of the saran wrap technique (I almost never have saran wrap but I almost always have sandwich bags!). I then stamped on my requisite pattern using Konad black and finished with top coat. 

I'm not in love with my color choices - I think I should have used more neon bright colors. What do you all think of this design? Should I have gone brighter or do you like the more mute color palette?