Colors by Llarowe The Races 2 Collection Swatches & Review


*Provided for Review

Happy Friday-eve everyone! Today for your viewing (and drooling) pleasure, I have the Colors by Llarowe The Races 2 collection.


First up is Fast Girls, a bright Barbie pink crelly filled with soft iridescent shimmer. This is the ultimate girly pink! The formula was good; it's on the sheer side, but I was able to achieve full opacity with three thin coats. This does dry to a semi-matte finish so if you want shine you will definitely need a top coat. 

Next is Need for Speed. CbL describes it as a black linear holo. It reads a bit more on the silver-side to me but that could be because of the strong holo finish. This one wowed me more on the nail than it initially did in the bottle. The formula was great; two coats with no issues.

Life in the Fast Lane is a raspberry red jelly filled with purple, pink and blue micro glitter. The formula on this one was a bit tricky. I would suggest applying a thin coats and letting them dry a bit before applying another to avoid any pulling or streaks. I used two coats but I wish I had used a third just to get a richer, deeper color payoff. 

Girls Shift Faster is my favorite color from this collection. It is described as a deep lilac crelly with pink, gold and red shimmer. The colors reads a bit lighter on me than I've seen in other swatches on fairer skin. The shimmer in this one is amazing! And the formula was the best of the bunch; two effortless coats. 

Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light lives up to it's name. It is a ducohrome that shifts from red to yellow to green. This one snucked up on me. I'm generally not a multichrome girl but after applying this and taking pics I fell in love with it. The formula is pretty standard for a multichrome- at least the ones I've tried anyway. It was thin and sheer on the first coat but was fully opaque by the second. A little extra info on this polish: all sales proceeds go to Deanna's (who works at Llarowe) racing passion! Girls racers, yeah!

And last but not least is Mustang Eli is on a Roll; a gorgeous deep royal blue, with blue microglitter and my second favorite in the collection. I love polishes like this but they are a PITA to photograph! All that gorgeous glitter can get lost in pics. The formula on this was probably my second favorite as well. It applied really easily and I had no issues with streaks or patches. This dries to a matte and slightly gritty finish so definitely add top coat for shine and to make the glitter pop. Also for those of you worried about staining I only had this one for a short time but I did not experience any issues with staining. My nails are very porous so even when I have dark colors like this on for just a little while I usually get some staining. I had none with this one. 

Overall, I like this collection. There's something for everyone in it. My personal faves are Girls Shift Faster, Mustang Eli is on a Roll and Red Light Yellow Light Green Light. Did any of the colors catch your eye? If so which ones will you be getting?

The Races 2 Collection launches on July 15th on the Llarowe website and retail for between $10-$12 a bottle.