3D Triangle Nail Art

Happy almost-Friday lovelies! Earlier I was brainstorming ideas for this week I came upon a horrible discovery. I don't own that many neon polishes. Seriously. I own like 2. I was seriously horrified. I am currently working on remedying this problem. The bright side of this is that I rediscovered an old polish that I love. It's always so great when you go through your stash and find little treasures you'd completely forgotten about. This particular polish is Avon Starlight, a bright yellow-gold holo. I was obsessed with how bright this polish was when I first bought it and figured it would be a perfect stand-in for the neon yellow I do not currently own.

Tools used:

Medium detailing brush

Polishes used:

Avon Starlight

Floss Gloss Wet

Wet n' Wild Black

Wet n' Wild White French Creme

KBShimmer Clearly on Top


I had no idea what I was going to do when I sat down to do my nails. I knew what my base color was and that I wanted something bright and graphic. I just started painting small triangles on my nails with Wet. I loved the way that looked just on it's own, but decided to give them a bit of dimension by outlining them with Black. To give them even more pop and dimension I added small lines of white to create a "3D" effect. I finished with a coat of Clearly on Top.

I'm really excited with how these turned out. It's exactly what I wanted: fun, bright and cool looking!

Now that I've begun my search for neons, what indie brands do you recommend?