Zoya Island Fun Collection Swatches & Review

*Provided for Review

Oh, hai there! Remember me? It's been two looong weeks since my last post. I wasn't planning to be gone this long from the blog but my move met some hiccups like no internet or cable, a missing bed frame and two -two! - broken nails! Yes I am back rocking the nubs for awhile but it's all good. I was so busy I honestly didn't even have the time or the energy to get upset. I just clipped the rest of those suckers off and kept it pushing!  I have so much stuff for you guys in the coming week and I was so excited to get back to normal. 

For today's post I have for you the Zoya Island Fun Collection. This is the 6 piece cream polish collection. I will be posting the second part of the collection later this week! Check out more pics and my full review after the jump.


First up is Cecilia. If you follow me on Instagram than you may have see pic of this polish about two weeks ago. I am a sucker for teal and it was the first color I wanted to try. These kinds of colors are so great for Summer. A nice classic crisp teal cream. The formula was on the thick side. Not in a hard to manage or apply way but thick nonetheless. I could easily have gotten away with one coat had I been careful in my application. Instead I used two coats and no top coat. As you can see even while being on the thick side the formula is smooth. I had no issues with streaks or unevenness.


Next up is Nana, the ubiquitous pink polish. I feel like every summer collection has one. The formula on this was very similar to Cecilia's although perhaps a smidge thinner. I used two coats for pics and had no issues with application. Nana is a pretty pink but I kind of wish Zoya had done something a bit more unique instead. 


Jace is a dusky green. Again - I'm a complete sucker for colors like this and though I feel there have been very similar colors done in previous Zoya collections I like it anyway. The formula on this surprised me. It is almost jelly-like and semi sheer on the first coat but it completely opaque by the second coat. 


Serenity is an Iris-purple cream. This one makes me think of tropical flowers! I'm kind of obsessed with this color at the moment. After swatching this collection I was trying to decide on a color to wear to work the next day and this was the one I reached for. It's just so bright and pretty. And looks amazing on my hand if I do say so myself! The formula was identical to Cecilia's thick but very easy to apply with no streak or patches. I used two coats. 


When I first saw Talia I couldn't help but question why Zoya would include both it and Cecilia in the collection since they are so similar. And then I tried Talia on and understood. Talia is a bright turquoise that reminds me of ocean water. It is just different enough from Cecilia to keep things interesting. Again identical formula and no application issues. This one is definitely a favorite for me!


And last but not least is Demetria. I immediately thought of Rocha from last year's summer collection when I saw this color. When I put the bottles side by side the difference was very obvious! Rocha is very orange in comparison to Demetria which reads as a tomato red. So in other words- yes you need both! The formula for Demetria was on the thin side, but I was able to achieve full opacity with two coats. I had no issues with application. 

My verdict? Overall a solid collection. Nothing ground-breaking but colors that will make great summer polish staples. My personal favorites are Cecilia, Serenity and Talia. Have any of you picked up any of the colors from this collection yet? If so, what are your personal faves?

The Island Fun Collection is available via the Zoya website and retails for $9 a bottle or $54 for the collection sampler. 

Check back later this week for my review of the Paradise Fun collection.