Pink Damask Nail Art - And a Comedy of Errors

Oh hello there! I'm back - again. As the title of this post says this last week has in fact been a comedy of errors. Or at the very least - a series of unfortunate events. Right after my birthday I cracked the nail on my index finger - the same nail that had broken just a few weeks prior. I was able to save it with nail glue and prayers...and then I clumsily slammed my hand between a wall and my leg (just take a moment to picture that...). And my middle finger swelled like a breakfast sausage. And remained that way for two days. Then I got sick. Like really sick. Like the worst cold I've had in a long time and spent three days in bed. So...yeah...but I'm back! Yay for blogging! 

Today's nail art was the first I've done since my birthday nails that I posted last week, though it felt like I hadn't done any in forever. I decided to ease my way back into things with a simple and pretty stamping design using my all-time favorite stamping plate. MoYou Fashionista Plate 07.

Tools used:

MoYou Fashionista Plate 07

Winstonia Double-Ended Stamper

Polishes used:

Glitter Gal Chuck A Wobbly

Bundle Monster Creative Art Polish in Electric Pink

KBShimmer Clearly on Top


I started with two coats of Chuck A Wobbly, a soft grey-tinted neutral. I recently purchased this and it was my first time using. I love the color - it's a great alternative to white when you something softer. After my nails were dry I stamped on my damask pattern with Electric Pink. Another first for me. I've had this polish for ages and finally decided to give it a try. I'm on the fence about it. I think it's a little to thin to for stamping but I also stamped my right hand ad the image came out more opaque. I'm thinking this is because I did my right hand last and the polish had had a chance to sit out and thicken a bit. But it's a pretty color so I will try it out again. I finished with two thin coats of Clearly on Top.

Have any of you tried Bundle Monster's stamping polishes before? Do you have any tips on using them? If so leave them in the comments!