Floss Gloss Wet Swatch & Review

Happy almost Friday folks! And if you're here in Chicago happy Blackhawks Day! The city is celebrating the team's third Stanley Cup championship in five years today with a rally and parade through downtown Chicago. Exciting - but also annoying because of the crowds. The drunk crowds! Any who - today I have for your viewing pleasure a polish that has been on my wishlist for awhile and that I finally got around to purchasing. 

Floss Gloss Wet is a vibrant turquoise cream. It is the "original" Floss Gloss color according to the description on their website. My camera freaked out with this color and I couldn't get it as color accurate of as I wanted, but in person it is very bright! A perfect colors for summer. The formula wasn't as great as I wanted it to be. It applies rather thinly and streaky and a bit sheer. I used two coats for pictures but could have used a third.

I really wish I could have captured the vibrancy of the color more. Ugh- I am so ready for a new camera. Though the formula was disappointing I still love this polish - the color makes it worth the hassle of applying it for sure!

Do any of you own any Floss Gloss polish? If so what are your favorites? 

Floss Gloss retails for $8 a bottle and is sold via their website and Live.Love.Polish which is where I purchased mine from.