Dance Legend Komilfo (Comme il Faut) Partial Collection Swatches & Review

Happy Monday peeps! If you are a red polish fan you are going to love today's post! I am not altogether that huge of a fan of red cream polish, but I love a red that has a little visual interest to it. Which is why all of the reds from Dance Legend's Komifo (Comme if Faut) collection caught my eye. They consist of two solid dark vampies and a range of shimmery reds. All of the polishes feature a jelly or creme base.


569 is a red burgundy creme. The formula on this one was very thin. I had to slow down my application once I realized this to avoid flooding my cuticles. Despite this issue, I was able to achieve full opacity with two coats.

570 is described as a brown red creme. Now, I debated whether to purchase this one because it looked so similar to 579 online. But I thought maybe the difference is more noticeable in real life. It isn't. Trust me. They are really this close on color. I can see the more brown undertones in 570 in the bottle but they all but disappear on the nail. The formulas were identical as well. Posted below is a side-by-side pic so you can see the very subtle differences between 569 and 570.

So do you need both? I don't think so. 

Next up is 581 which is described as a red/purple jelly. That description is a bit plain for me. It's more of a red jelly filled with gold shimmer. I didn't see any purple tones in this though I did see it in pics online. The formula was on the thick side. I had forgotten this was a jelly and had to make sure that my coats were thin and that I used a light touch. I used two coats for pics. Overall, I wasn't wowed by it and was bummed that I didn't get the deep purples tones I saw in other photos. 

582 is described as a deep red raspberry shimmer. It's bit brighter than I had anticipated but I love the hidden shimmer. It's like a jelly sandwich without the work! The formula for this one was pretty good. It was much easier to work with than 581. I used two coats for pics but as you can see I still had a bit of visible nail line. I recommend three light coats for this one. 

And now we are at my favorite polish off the bunch. 584 is described as a dark red shimmer. OMG this polish is amazing! And to think I almost didn't buy it because the shimmer looked almost non-existent online. I literally oohhed and ahhed while applying this. This is the type of red that I love. Deep and rich and the shimmer makes it so sexxxy. The formula was the best of the bunch as well. It applied like a dream. I had zero issues and needed only 2 coats for full opacity. This one will be getting a lot of use!

And lastly we have 585, described as a red burgundy with god shimmer. The color on this one is so unique and interesting. Unfortunately it had the worst formula of the bunch. It is a very thick jelly consistency. I had a hard time applying thin coats because the polish itself is so thick. The bright side is that I only needed two coats for opacity, I just don't like how thick said coats had to be. I think next time I try this one I will add a bit of thinner to it.

So overall, I was a bit disappointed in these. A few of them simply don't read in real life the way they do in pictures I'd seen online. That is always a bummer. The one standout in the bunch is hands down 584 and if you get one color from this collection it should be that one. 

The Komilfo Collection has a wide variety of colors and I'm curious about trying those. Dance Legend is one of my favorite polish brands and their quality is usually really consistent so I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on these.

The Dance Legend Komilfo Collection is sold directly from the Dance Legend site