Indigo Bananas Chrome and Mega Chrome Flakies Swatches & Review


*Provided for Review

Happy Friday gang! In celebration of this momentous occasion (the end of the work week is always something to be celebrated!), I have for your viewing pleasure three colors from Indigo Bananas Chrome Flakies and Mega Chrome Flakies collections!


First up is Hay Ride a gold "mega chrome" flakie. This is intended as a top coat and I show it as such in my photos. However, you can achieve full opacity with three to four thin coats. I used two coats over white polish for pics. Formula-wise Hay Ride has amazing glitter coverage. I didn't have to fish for the larger shards of flakies and I didn't have to dab all that much (just around the edges of my nail a bit) for coverage. I didn't use top coat for with this polish and I was really impressed with how smooth and flat it felt, even with the larger shards.


Next up is Fantastic Planet, a fuchsia, red and gold chrome flakie that color-shifts to green. I am in love with this color! It's pretty in the bottle but amazing on the nails. The formula was identical to Hay Ride's. I used two thin coats over white and no top coat. I can't wait to try this one on it's own!


And last is Quantum Gravity, a gold/green chrome. This is from the original Chrome Flakies collection. What I like most about this one is that it is completely opaque with three thin coats on it's own. The application was great and it applied extremely smoothly. As you can see in the pics it has some pretty large shards in in which give it amazing depth. I did use top coat with this one for some extra shine.

So what do you all think of these? These polishes are kind re-igniting my flakies obsession! Do you have a favorite?  Mine's is Fantastic Planet with Hay Ride being a close second!

The Chrome and Mega Chrome collections are available via the Indigo Bananas website and retail for $7.25 for mini size bottles and $12 for full size bottles.