Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer/Emerald & Ash St. Thomas Duo and Siren Nyan Swatches & Review

*Provided for Review

Hi all! I am taking a short break from being knee-deep in packing boxes to show you three fantastic polishes I was sent by Julie from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer. The first two are a duo that was created with Emerald & Ash, the St. Thomas Duo. The third, is the newest release in the Siren Series. Let's get to it!


First up is Pink Sugar Sunsets, a beautiful bubblegum pink cream with iridescent shimmer throughout. I seriously love how soft and gorgeous this color is. I actually tore into this polish first and rocked it for a full day at work. It's a fun color without being too bright. The application and formula were in keeping with Blue-Eyed Girl's standard; the polish is designed to be opaque in one to two coats and is on the thick side. I personally like this but if  you prefer thinner coats just add a little thinner to the polish and you're good to go. I used two coats for picture. This polish dries a bit dull and gritty so you definitely will need a top coat for shine and to really let the shimmer shine through. 


Next up is Emerald & Ash's contribution to the duo, Sunset at Sugar Beach. OMG you guys. Seriously. I'm not a blue polish girl. I like the look of them on other people but they tend to scare me away. But.This. Polish. Is. Everything. I am sucker for flecked polishes and this one has purple/brown flakes and dose a of iridescent shimmer that is the perfect compliment to Pink Sugar Sunsets. This was my first time trying Emerald & Ash polish (I have been using one of the cuticle oils for the last month or so and I lurv it) and I am really impressed with the quality and application. I used two effortless coats for pics.

 The duo also includes the following items:

Felt squares 

(these are used for polish removal - they work really well with taking glitter polish off)

10 decals designed by Julie that have a fun tropical/seashell theme

*Note: I spazzed on getting pics of these items before I packed all of my polish away! Moving sucks.

And finally I have for you the next polish in the Blue Eyed-Girl Lacquer Siren series,Nyan.This is a really soft and pretty semi-sheer pink crelly packed with rainbow glitters. I love polishes like these but I don't think they look great on me. But I keep buying them - go figure. This polish was really easy to apply - again it is a bit on the thick side but this is two coats peeps - two coats! Not bad for a crelly, I usually wind up needing more like three. I did one coat on my pinky just to let you see the difference between one coat and two. Still pretty opaque, right? I think that next time I wear this I will layer it over a  light pink or a milky white.

And there you have it gang! I'm kind of obsessed with the St. Thomas Duo. I already have nail art plans for them (rubs hands together with an evil smile). Nyan is a must have if you love the Siren series (which I do). I'm kicking myself for not jumping on this series earlier and grabbing the other polishes. Right now I have two and I want MOAR.

The St. Thomas duo will be released via the Blue-Eyed Girl site on May 26th and retails for $20 (and you get the items mentioned above included). You can also pick the duo up from the Emerald & Ash site.Nyan will be released the same day and retails for $8.50. 

I hope to be back to posting full time next week after my move is done. Until then laters!