Tweed Pattern Double Stamping

Hi all! With the weather finally turning around and beginning to feel like Spring, I was in the mood to wear one of my favorite "Spring-colored" polishes, American Apparel L'Esprit. I decided to jazz it up a bit with some double stamping nail art.

Tools used:

Bundle Monster plate 706

Color4nails Crystal Veil

Polishes used: 

American Apparel L'Esprit

Pueen White in White

Konad Black

KBShimmer Clearly on Top


This was super easy and simple to do. After applying L'Esprit, and allowing it to dry I applied a thin coat of Crystal and allowed it to dry. I stamped my tweed pattern with Konad Black to half of my nail. I then stamped with White in White on the other half. I finished with a coat of Clearly on Top.

L'Esprit is one of my all time favorite pastel polishes. It's one of those shades that always looks amazing with nail art over it.