OPI Spring Hawaii Collection - My Picks!

Happy hump day peeps. I picked up a few colors from the OPI Spring Hawaii Collection last month and finally got a chance to sit down and swatch them this week. Though it's a balmy 36 degrees here right now these colors definitely have gotten me in the mood for Spring. Check out my review after the jump!


First up is Hello Hawaii Ya, a dusky lavender cream. This one reminds me a bit of a less dusky Parlez Vous OPI. The formula was quite nice. It's a bit on the thin side but applied really nicely which I was surprised by and I had no issues with streaks or patches. I used two coats for pics.


Aloha from OPI is a vibrant red-orange cream. I lurv colors like this. It screams more Summer to me than Spring though. Color-wise it leans really orange on me (and makes my hands look hella tan as well!), but I have seen it on fairer skin and it reads a tad more red. The formula was a bit troublesome. I had issues with streaks and getting and even application. I used three coats for this one because two simply wasn't cutting it. This was the last color I swatched and I decided to keep it on I loved it so much. The color is so pretty I think the PITA application is worth the trouble.


Do You Take Lei Away? is one of my favorites of the collection. A beautiful neutral that looks great on pretty much every skin tone I've seen it on. The formula was the best out of all the colors. I had no issues with application and the opacity was really impressive. I applied two effortless coats for pics.


Is Mai Tai Crooked? is my final pick. I love this color and it's perfect for a Hawaii-themed collection. It translates very bright on my skin which I was a bit surprised by since it reads relatively soft on other skin tones, but I still really love it. The formula was somewhat similar to Aloha though I didn't have as many issues with patches. I did need three coats however to get nice even coverage.

And those are my picks! I was tempted to grab a couple of the other colors but they aren't as interesting to me and so I decided to skip them. What about you all? Have you grabbed any colors from this collection and if so which ones?