F.U.N. Lacquer Million Dollar Dream and Born Pretty Peacock Decals

Hi all. This week has been a weird one for me. I haven't posted as much as I normally do which I feel guilty about but I simply haven't had that many ideas that were worth posting. I've also been kind of exhausted and haven't had the energy for much of anything. Usually when I get in a blogging slump I like to pull out a new polish I haven't tried yet. I bought F.U.N. Lacquer Million Dollar Dream back in January and it's been languishing in my untrieds pile ever since. I also purchased these Born Pretty Store decals like forever ago and decided to combine the two.

Million Dollar Dream is an insanely gorgeous gold glitter full of holo flecks. I feel like I am not doing this polish justice with my description it's so amazing! I was literally holding my hand up and oohhing and ahhing while I painted my nails. The formula is really great. For such a finely milled glitter it built up nicely. In the photos the lighting makes it look like some spots are sheerer than others, but this was not noticeable at all in real life. I used two coats and then dabbed light in spots that needed a little more coverage. 

I added a little extra flair with peacock water decals I purchased from Born Pretty Store. I love water decals they are perfect if you are maybe a bit deficient in the nail art abilities or if you want maximum impact for minimal effort. That was definitely me this week!

F.U.N Lacquer retails for between $15-$17 a bottle . A little steep but I think the quality is so good that it's worth it. I purchased my bottle from LiveLovePolish. Born Pretty Store still has these decals available on their website. Don't forget to use my promo code PSL91 to receive 10% off your order!