Firmoo Eyeglass Inspired Ruffian Nail Art

*Provided for Review

Hey, hey, hey it's Saturday! Okay that was kind of corny but it was the first thing that came to mind and so I went with it. Today, I have a review of a pair of Firmoo eyeglasses I recently received. I wear glasses pretty much ninety percent of the time so I take my eyeglass game seriously. The ones I wear now are almost two years old so I was definitely in the mood for something new. And this being a nail blog of course I had to replicate the design on my nails! Check out my review and nail art after the jump.


Tools used: 

Color4Nails Crystal Veil

Polishes used:

Zoya Farah and Emilia


I decided to keep the design simple to replicate the simple lines of the glasses. I started by applying Crystal Veil around my nails. Once dry, I painted on two coats of Farah. I then applied Emilia on top to create a Ruffian design.

Now on to the glasses. Firmoo allows you to order the frames with or without prescription lenses. I opted to receive mine with no prescription since I am due for my annual eye exam. My favorite thing about the website is that it gives you the ability to upload a picture of yourself and virtually try glasses on. Just make sure that the picture is a straight on shot with no weird angles and you're good to go. The website can be a bit wonky but this feature sticks out as a definite plus. All of the glasses come in a leather hard case with a world map pattern. 

Firmoo sales both non-prescription and prescription eye and sunglasses. Prices vary depending on the frames, but Firmoo usually always has a good sale. They are currently offering a St. Patrick's Day discount on their website