Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Swatches and Review

*Provided for Review

I have a pretty epic post for you guys today!  I have never tried Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer before (I know, that's crazy town) so I was really excited and curious about sitting down and finally getting a chance to try them out. I will say this now - I am so impressed. I thought about splitting this into two posts and then thought, "Nah! Show all the pretties!" Hold on to your seats folks and clink the jump to read more.

First up is Believin' Won't Fly from the Crooked Heart collection. Okay, how gorgeous is this polish?! I am typically not a huge fan of blue metallics, I tend to prefer creams but this one won me over the moment I applied it. The formula was amazing. It leans towards the thick side but isn't patchy and doesn't drag when you apply a second coat. I honestly could have gotten away with just one coat which is pretty awesome for a metallic. This is two coats and no coat for pics.


Next up is Kaffir Lily. This is one of my favorites of the entire bunch! It is a  bottle full of soft pink linear holo deliciousness. I love soft holos and this one is a new favorite. The formula was pretty similar to Believin' Won't Fly though a tad less thick. Again this one could easily be a one-coater. I used two coats and no top coat for pics.


This color is why I believe in serendipity. I was going through my stash getting ready to do some nail art and was literally lamenting the fact that I didn't have a pinkish-silver glitter. I kid you not. Enter Might Not Recover. A pink, silver, holo, blue glitter bomb. Once again, the formula was impressive. The base is a tad thick I had no serious issues and I didn't have to dab or cover bald spots; the glitter payoff is amazing. This is just two coats and no top coat. 


Together Dead and Lonely is also from the Crooked Hearts collection, and is a black jelly filled red and silver holo glitter flecks. The formula was thinner than the others so you will need two coats for full opacity. The finish is slightly textured as you can see from the above photo. If you want a high shine finish you will definitely need a top coat. In the photo below I painted my ring finger with a layer of KBShimmer Clearly on Top so you can see what the finish is like with top coat.


The Years Have Been Short is an interesting polish. It is sort of a cross between a glitter bomb and a topper. I think it can function as both. For picture I simply applied it by itself so you can see all the glitter elements on their own. This one reminds me of winter. It is a super sheer milky base filled with white, blue and silver glitter particles. The base is thick. I did have some issues with dragging and bald spots so I would suggest use a very thin coat and letting it dry before applying the second. I think the next time I try this one I will layer it over a white.


Queen Rose Lime Zinnia is a bright green with pink and silver shimmer. This one is kind of halfway between a pastel and a neon. A perfect Spring color. The formula was again a bit on the thick side but not unmanageable at all. I would just suggest waiting for your first coat to dry a bit before applying the second to avoid any dragging. I used two coats and no top coat.


Grandpa is one of those colors I never get tired of. It is a mushy squishy milky white crelly with silver shimmer! I lurv it! The shimmer doesn't really translate in pics but in real life it is noticeable and gives this color a little something extra special. The formula was similar to Queen Rose. I used two coats and no top coat.


 It's Almost After Midnight is a hazy dusky blue-grey filled with metallic blue shimmer. When I first looked at it in the bottle I didn't think I'd like it. Usually colors like this just aren't my cup of tea, but when I began applying it? Whoa! It has such depth and dimension and the shimmer is amazeballs. The formula is one of the thinnest of the bunch. I had zero issues with application and I used two coats and no top coat.


Fatale is an ultra-neon pink and is part of the Sirene collection. Okay, how tan do my hands look in these pics?? Ahhh...makes me think of Summer. This is a rare neon that I didn't need to apply a white base coat with. The formula is really good - not too thick or too thin. I was able to apply just two coats and achieve opacity. Like other neons this does dry to a semi-satin finish so if you are looking for extra shine be sure to apply a top coat.


And last but not least is The One Worth Leaving. This color is just sooo pretty. It's another one that I wasn't sure I would like but wowed me once I applied it. The color is a deep almost cherry leaning burgundy (does that make sense?) with purple/pink shimmer throughout. This was the thinnest formula out of the whole bunch. I applies two coats but probably could have used a third. I think this is a great alternative to a vampy or classic red.

Whew! I told you this post would be epic people! And like I said at the beginning of this post, I am really impressed with the formulas of the BEGL. The colors are so diverse and yet the consistency of quality is really amazing. 

Blue Eyed-Girl Lacquer retails for between $6-$12 and is sold via their website. Also BEGL will be having a restock and sale (most of the polishes in this post will be on sale btw!) beginning March 29th. Polishes will be between $5-$8.50 so don't forget to mark your calendars!