Zoya Delight Spring Collection Swatches & Review

*Provided for Review

Hi all! It is currently 17 degrees here and the forecast for the rest of the week is even colder. But Spring is allegedly just around the corner. With that light at the end of the tunnel in mind, today I have for your viewing pleasure the Spring Zoya Delight Collection


First up is Rayne, a bright spring blue with flashes of pink shimmer. Full disclosure - I hate frost finishes. So this one for me was not a favorite. But - I was actually really impressed with the formula. The first coat went on very sheer but I was able to get decent opacity with the second coat.  If you are a frost finish fan then I say this is a good one to grab.


Next up is Leslie, a lavender shimmer with a hint of frost. I was thoroughly prepared to dislike this one sine the frost really shows in the bottle. But the more swatches I saw of it the more I fell in love with it. On the nail the shimmer is more pronounced and the frost less so. The formula was fantastic and I had no issues with application. I used two coats for full opacity.


Daisy is a bright cheery yellow frost with a hint of silver shimmer. I love yellow but this one just didn't look great on me. On fairer skin tones this one looks amazing. The formula was the trickiest of the entire collection. I had a few issues with streaks and patches during application.  If you opt to pick this one up I would suggest starting with a thin coat and then floating on a thicker second coat.


Tiana is a pastel mint green cream. I am a sucker for mint green polishes and they scream Spring time to me. This one does not disappoint. The formula was great- smooth application with no issues. I used two coats for pics.


Next up is Eden, a bright blue-toned pink cream. This one was a bit on the thin side formula-wise. I need three thin coats for full opacity. Not a whole lot to say about the color itself. It's not groundbreaking;it's a classic pink. And it makes my hands look like I've been tanning lol!


Lillian is bright sky blue cream. I love this one! I'm actually still wearing it. It read really bright against my skin, but I've seen it on fairer tones and it's a bit softer and more pastel. The formula was identical to Tiana's. I used two effortless coats for pics.

So overall for me this is an okay Spring collection. I think I'm just more partial to Zoya's transitional Naturel Satins collection. The standouts in this collection for me are Leslie, Tiana and Lillian. Have any of you picked up some of the Delights colors yet? Do you have any personal faves?

The Delight Collection is currently available on the Zoya website and retails for $9 a bottle.