Inspired by Fashion: Charlotte Olympia - Day 4 Jackson Pollock Nail Art

Happy Friday-eve everyone! For Day 4 of this series, I inspired by another "Dolly" heel design called the "Pollock". Charlotte was inspired by various artists and commissioned artist Boyarde Messenger to hand paint the designs in the collection! Isn't that amazing?! 

Tools used:

Medium Nail Art Brush

Nail Polish Thinner

Polishes used:

Lime Crime Milky Ways

(base color)

Sinful Colors Starfish

Pueen Black in Black

Wet N' Wild Grammy Gold


 I started with two coats of Milky Ways. I then applied splotches of Starfish. I mixed my black polish with a bit of nail polish thinner to make it easier to work with and applied random "swipes" and swirls. If you look closely the shoes have some random splotches of gold on them and so I added a few splotches onto my nail as well.

I'm OBSESSED with these shoes- the entire collection actually, which has designs inspired by Lichtenstein, Mondrian and Van Gogh's Starry Nights! I highly recommend checking out pics of them online- they are amazing!