Zoya Naturel Satins Collection Swatches & Review

*Provided for Review

Hi all! Today I have for you a collection that I have been dying to try ever since Zoya sent out the press release for them. The

Naturel Satins is the transitional collection between Winter and Spring and features a neutral palette with a semi-matte "satin" finish.  They are not completely flat matte but have a soft sheen to them. Kind of like semi-gloss paint!


First up a brief summary on the collection: 


The formula of all of the polishes are pretty much identical. I have read others bloggers' reviews who said they had issues with dragging after the first coat. I did not experience this, though I did wait a few minutes between each coat so this may be why. These are meant to be worn without base or top coat and that is how I wore them. They dried very quickly down to a semi-matte (just a hint of sheen) finish with a hint of texture but nothing that feels pebbly or rough to the touch.


I used two coats for all of the polishes with the exception of Ana where I used three. It was the first polish I swatched and I was still getting a feel for the formula. I did two thin coats but quickly realized that I would need a third for full opacity. For the other polishes I used two thicker coats and had no issues with opacity.

Ana is a soft pink-toned nude. This reads more nude against my skin, but I have seen it on fairer skin and the pink is more visible.


Tove is a blue-toned grey. This definitely reads more blue on me but the grey tones are really visible on fairer skin.


Brittany is a soft pastel pink. If you are looking for a more straight forward pink tone this would be the one to go for.


Leah is a soft light beige-toned nude.


Sage is just as it's name suggests: a pretty dusky sage green. This is one of my favorites form the collection.


Rowan is the darker, duskier-toned sister to Leah. This one leans more to beige.

It seems opinions on this collection fall into either the love it or hate it category. I definitely fall into the love category. I feel like it marries a lot of finishes that I love in great effect. 

The Naturel Satins collection retails for $9 a bottle and is available via the Zoya website