Sunday Stamping: Stamping over Blue Base

This is my inaugural post with the Adventures in Stamping group on Facebook! Each week the group picks a stamping theme for the following Sunday. My goal is to join in every other Sunday. Today's theme is stamping over a blue base. I'm pretty much always on the lookout for an excuse to make stamping decals now and I immediately thought of a nail art design I wanted to do.

Tools used:

MoYou Pro Plate 06

Born Pretty Store Pink Rhinestones

Medium detailing brush

Polishes used:

Revlon Royal

For stamping pattern:

Pueen Black in Black

Butter London Jaded Jack

BMC Electric Pink

BMC Sunshine Yellow

KBShimmer Clearly on Top


I created my stamping decals first using


method. I then painted my nails with three thin coats of Royal for full opacity. Royal is a jelly and had the squishy look I wanted for this design, I then applied my decals to my middle and ring fingers and added a coat of Clearly on Top on all of my nails. While they were still wet I applied my pink rhinestones to my index and pinky fingers.

I wanted to do a sort of tropical look without it being too summer-y and I think I succeeded. This was my first time trying the BMC colors and Electric Pink isn't as vibrant as I would have liked, but the flowers still turned out fairly well.