Top Ten Nail Art of 2014

It's time for my post of my Top Ten nail art designs here on Valiantly Varnished for 2014. This is always a hard list to write, but there were definite standouts for me. While going through my posts over the last year it was crazy to see how much my nail shaped changed from square to round, long to nubs and back again. Click the pics to read the full posts.

Number One - Winter Landscape

Of all of the nail art I've done this year this is the design I am the most proud of. It was my first time doing something with so much detail. I really challenged myself and was surprised at how great it turned out!

Number Two - Lumberjack Nail Art

This idea bounced around in my head for awhile before I sat down and actually tried it out. I completely fell in love with the end result.

Number Three - Bijou Nail Art

This was one of those designs that came together all on it's own. I scrapped my original idea halfway through and am so glad that I just went with the flow on this one. It is one of the most popular things I've ever done.

Number Four - Rose and Lace Nail Art

My love of floral nail art has not abated. And this was my favorite that I've done this year. I even got to incorporate my other obsession - water decals.

Number Five - Tree of Hearts Nail Art

This was the second design I had done after scrapping the first because I loathed it. Second time was the charm!

Number Six - Pumpkin Pie Nail Art

Couldn't stop staring at my nails when I did this one, I loved it so much. And I love pumpkin pie so it was pretty much perfection.

Number Seven - Ticker inspired Nail Art

This design was inspired by November's book of the month and it turned out even prettier than I imagined. 

Number Eight - Freehand Bow Nail Art

I wanted bows on my nails. So I made it happen. Boom.

Number Nine - Chanel Noir Inspired Nail Art

I was in love with the perfumer bottle that was the inspiration for this. And I was really happy with how I interpreted it on my nails.

Number Ten - Black and White Doodle Nail Art

I sat down with zero ideas and came up with this. It reminded me of a cool 80's print.