Top 10 Polishes of 2014

It's crazy that I am writing a wrap-up post about the best polishes of 2014. This year has gone by scary fast. This year in polish has been a somewhat interesting one for me. I spent the bulk of this year not really shopping and not really buying a whole lot of mainstream brands when I did shop. So I think my list will look a lot different from other Best of lists. Mine is based on polishes compelled me out of my no/low-buy status.


Number 1 - ILNP Black Orchid

This polish is what I like to call perfection. A deep rich burgundy/wine color with a gorgeous linear holo finish. Not too bright but enough to catch the light and your eye and make you swoon. 

Number 2 - Colors by Llarowe Penny For Your Thoughts

 A coppery orange holo? Yes please! This was such a spot-on color for Fall. I don't feel there is much more I can say about it - it's evident in swatches how insanely gorgeous it is. It is a stainer - but just add an extra layer of base coat and it's all good. 

Number 3 - China Glaze Don't Get Derailed

  One of the few mainstream polishes I purchased this year. The China Glaze All Aboard Collection was my favorite Fall collection of 2014. I have been pretty meh about the collections CG has been releasing and I felt All Aboard was a return to form for them. After all - this is the company that created the On Safari collection of 2012 - which is still my all time favorite Fall collection.

Number 4 - Cirque Midsummer Night

I longed and still long for Cirque Coronation in my life. Alas, that has not come to be as of yet. And so I decided that I would buy the next best thing to Coronation, Midsummer Night. Amazing color shift, fabulous formula and all around gorgeous color. Midsummer Night is a great consolation prize for Coronation.

Number 5 - Elevation Polish Everest 2

 I am a sucker for a great neutral holo and Everest 2 has become my favorite. A neutral that looks great on everyone and has enough bling to be sparkly while still being work-appropriate. I never got around to swatching it here on the blog for some crazy reason but I managed to post a pic on my Instagram page. In this pic I paired it with an accent nail of Kilimanjaro.

Number 6 - Colors by Llarowe The Mighty Red Baron

The color that started it all as I like to call it. And by that I mean it is the first of what I like to refer to as the holo beneath glass effect that Llarowe has gone on to reproduce in other colors most notable my number 2 pick on this list. The effect is hard to describe and even harder to photograph, but in person? Just imagine cartoon eyes bucking out of their sockets.

Number 7 - Zoya Yuna

  Zoya has a really been on a roll lately. The entire Ignite collection is amazing. But there were two colors that stood out for me and one of them was Yuna. A grey polish filled with gold shimmer?  I am still and at them for discontinuing the Pixie Dusts but when I look at Yuna I forgive them. Kind of.

Number 8 - Zoya India

  I said there were two standouts for me in the Ignite collection and India is the second one. I mean - look at it. How can you not love this color?! Pair that with a fantastic formula and you have a go-to Fall polish.

Number 9 - KB Shimmer How You Dune?

KB Shimmer has really impressed me this year with the quality of their cream polishes. I don't own as many as I would like to but I plan on remedying that at some point! How You Dune? is a perfect fall neutral. I've seen it on many different skin tones and it works for all of them. And it has a great formula too boot.

Number 10 -  China Glaze Choo Choo Choose You

 Another gorgeous color from CG's fall collection. I am not usually a fan of colors like this but Choo Choo won my heart with it's gorgeous color shift. 

And that is my list of tops for 2014. What were some of your personal faves?