Ticker by Lisa Mantchev Book Review and Nail Art

My November book club choice was Ticker by Lisa Mantchev. Ticker is a steam-punk fantasy centering around Penelope, Penny Farthing and her mechanical, "Ticker" heart. I have a soft spot for all things steampunk so I admit that this was primarily what grabbed me when picking November's book. So of course with Steampunk featuring so prominently in the story I had to do nail art inspired by Penny's Ticker and all the other mechanical doo-hikkies in the story.


First off let me say that I really loved the world that Lisa Mantchev created in this book her attention to detail for her steampunk universe was very impressive. From the first sentence on you know that you have been plunked down in a universe all it's own. The main character of Penny is equally as well written, and while I did find her propensity to get herself into troublesome situations a bit tiresome - I find this is done with a lot of heroines in stories - I genuinely liked her. The story was engaging but definitely had it's moments of predictability. It would have been nice if the villain in the story had more dimension to him other than his obsession to "fix" Penny's Ticker. I also would have loved to have learned more about Marcus the romantic interest in the story. He was incredibly likable and I wanted to know more about him. Overall this was a quick and enjoyable read. Onto the nail art!

Tools used:

BM Plate 609

Polish used:

NY & Co. Millionaire


I painted my nails with two coats of my base color. I then used BM Plate 609's clock and gears images and Millionaire for the Ticker/Steampunk design. 

I'm kinnnd of obsessed with how these turned out. I am obsessed with the clock pattern and anything over Tempest look amazing.

Stay tuned for the announcement of December's book shortly!