Neutral Winter Nail Art

It never fails. Whenever I get my nails to exactly the length and shape that I'm happiest one of them breaks. This time I don't even know how it happened. I was at work and just happened to look down and notice that a chunk of my nail on my index finger was missing. So was not a good day. After a day of mourning I'm back with a bit of nail that I had been planning on doing that fateful day earlier this week. 

Tools used:

Bundle Monster Plate 407

Dotting Tool

Polishes used:

Zoya Flynn

(base color)

Pueen White in White

NY & Co. Millionaire


I started with two coats of Flynn. Once fully dry, I used BM 407 and White in White for the tree branch design.  For the dots, I used Millionaire and my dual-sided dotting tool.

I'm not entirely happy with how these turned out. White in White is a stamping polish but I've gotten cleaner, crisper results with a lot of non-stamping whites. Other than that little hiccup I like how subtle and soft these turned out. I've really been into using non-traditional shades for winter nail art lately. I can just imagine how great this would have looked on my nails pre-break...grrr...